Short history

The pop-orchestra salut!machaut from Malmö, Sweden formed at Café Ariman in 2004. The band name (inspired by the medieval french hitmaker) was instantly consider to be one of the most well sounding band name in music history. A large number of people have passed through the band since the café days but has now grown into a core of six people. The band has produced two eps so far and is just about to release a new one.

Current members

  • Erik Lindegren
    Vocals, guitar & keyboard
  • Daniel Wennergren
    Guitar & bass guitar
  • Klara Jonasson
    Vocals, flute & bass guitar
  • Martin Axelsson
    Drums & percussion
  • Johan Rydlöv
  • Sebastian Gustafsson

About salut!machaut

It is 2003 and once again autumn in Sweden but Erik Lindegren and Daniel Wennergren meet each other for the first time while taking a course in musicology at Lund university.

All members of the pop-combo salut!machaut meet at Café Ariman in Lund during 2004 after Erik and Daniel have come up with a name for a band. A name which according to them is “the most well sounding band name in music history. A too good of a name to be without any band members”.

Two chairs have been thrown out the window from the fourth floor and the dustbin is on fire. salut!machaut is having one of their first meetings trying to put down some lyrics to a song that later will be called “Train Song”. The words are hard to distinguish because the white paper is heavily stained by red wine after the drummer has been using more than one wine glass as a snare drum. While some of the members are standing in the elevator on their way down to rescue the chairs, the lead theme of the song is crystallized in the kitchen where others are discussing the sound of the bass drum of early Motown recordings and making some lame attempts to tackle the rising flames. The ambitions of this bunch of divergent volitions and characters proved to be as hard to put out as the dustbin fire.

Deep in a blast shelter in the outskirts of Lund, Sweden, eight people are frenetically trying to get their sound onto the hard drive of a non-forgiving computer. A computer which is not a laptop at all but a rather big one, heavy to carry and a pain to transport! The band is packed together with christmas trees, old desks and a huge mixing console from the sixties, supposed to have been used when recording Mannfred Mann. One person starts to hum “Sha La La”, while another one frowns and claims that their song “Pretty Flamingo” is one of the worlds most horrible songs, even though the title contains flamingo.
-Who the fuck is Mannfred Mann, a slightly irritated voice utters and the focus is quickly brought back to the recording.

After some more hard sessions and improvisations the first record consisting of three tracks is produced by the band in 2005. Two members leave the band in exhaustion. This year the whole band moves to Malmö where the first gig takes place at Kajplats 305 on the 8th of June. They also make their first appearance at the Rookiefestival in Hultsfred, which is supposed to be the most important festival for unsigned bands in Sweden.

salut!machaut has gone from fika-sessions to jam-sessions.